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Join Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming for the final Journey Through Girl Scouting 100th Anniversaryevent and Finale Centennial Sing – A – Long in Cheyenne August 18 – 19.  
The Finale Centennial Sing – A – Long:  We began our centennial Journey with a kick off sing – a – long on the Montana Capitol Steps in Helena.  Nearly 400 participants came together to sing in the Year of the Girl!  Join us on the Wyoming Capitol Steps to sing in the next century of Girl Scouting and conclude our 100th Anniversary activities.
  • This portion of the event is free and open to all Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Alumnae, and Girl Scout supporters.
  • Gather on the Wyoming Capitol main entrance steps facing 24th Street Cheyenne, at 11:30 am.
  • The Sing – A – Long will begin at 12 pm and conclude around 1 pm Saturday August 18th.
  • Check out our website for song details, music, and even choreography.
Journey Through Girl Scouting (1992 – 2012); Cheyenne: Join us for the final Journey Through Girl Scouting event, inspired by our founder and trailblazer Juliette Gordon Low. The final of 6 events which journeyed through “herstory” of girl leadership and wound through Helena, Casper, Billings, Cody, Missoula, will conclude in Cheyenne August 18 – 19!
  • Girl Scouts will explore the era of the modern scout — their era!
  • Girls will enjoy fun crafts like CD art, ‘Go Green’ activities, lego robotics, and regional science.
  • Come for the day only or sleep over with a movie and popcorn.
  • The fun begins 2pm following the sing – a – long at the Laramie County Fairgrounds buildings M and K.
  • All participants must be registered for the event.
  • Register online! Visit the event listing on our website for full details
 Can’t make it to Cheyenne?  Participate in the final 100th Anniversary events by organizing a Finale Flash Mob! in your community.  Check our official 100th Anniversary page: for further details.

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