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We Love Resources ;-)

FROM Stephanie Lefevre, GSMW
Volunteer Management Director: Hello Everyone-
This is a fantastic new link/resource for new troop leaders of all levels to find essential information they need!  Please spread it widely.  It should be up on our website Friday!
Thanks for getting the word out!


Camp Castlerock with Directions


Located a few miles from the city of Butte, Montana, Camp Castle Rock is a beautiful spot surrounded by lovely wooded hills. This delightful place for a mountain camp covers many timbered acres with several open places for camping, beautiful parks and a creek.

Thanks to busy beavers, a pond is situated directly across from the Lodge. Their work created an environment for bird and other creatures. It has been rumored moose can be spotted from time to time. The site is situated in the foothills of the Little Basin Valley.

A short walk from the camp toward the Continental Divide reveals views south into the Moose Creek country, southeast to the Upper Reservoir of the Butte Water company, and in the distance the Highland Mountains. Directly east is the Basin Creek Reservoir and Roosevelt Drive. Westward is the Divide Valley and further southwest looms the snowcapped Fleecer Mountain. To the north Butte is in plain view, twinkling in the evenings.

The site has a beautiful log lodge built in the 1920s surrounded by lofty and inspiring mountains.

The camp has both bunks and camping areas. Here is an idea of what the bunks are like::

From I 90
Take the Montana Street Exit and head south. (north is up hill )
Continue south, pass a large Cemetery on the Right.
Directly after the Cemetery, Turn Right on Beef Trail Road
Pass the Driving Range and Copper Mountain Recreation Area.
At the Y or fork in the road, veer to the far left on Little Basin Creek Road.
Follow Little Basin Creek Road, approximately 9 miles.
At the Intersection of Little Basin Creek and Wapiti Mountain,
Go through the Orange Gate, Marked by a Fire Number 665.
The Lodge is at the end of the Driveway

Please download and view this PDF for some really nice directions.

Also look at this google map of where the camp is.


Happy Birthday, Julliette!


Help celebrate the 152nd Birthday of the original Daisy,

Juliette Gordon Low, the Founder of Girl Scouts!
Where: Camp Castlerock,  8 miles west of Butte, MT on Little Basin Creek Rd.
When: Sunday, October 28, 2012 1pm – 4pm

Contact your leader As Soon as Possible to Register
Please sign and return bottom portion.


Girl Scout Name: __________________ Friend or Troop #: ______________
Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________
Phone Numbers: _______________________________________________                                           Email Address: __________________________________________________
Please list any allergies/medical conditions/medications we should be aware of today: _____________________________________________________________

Bring-A-Friend (any non-registered Girl Scout) Name and age: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent(s) attending: YES NO           Parent preference(s) in volunteering: __________________________________________________________________
Activities my daughter has permission to participate in (please initial each):
________ Games ________ Singing ________ Face Painting  ________ Crafts ________ Apple Bobbing ________ Campfire (weather permitting)

_______ Nature Scavenger Hunt (weather permitting)  ________ FUN!!!! __________________________________________________________________

To ensure that good times will be had by all, disruptive or unsafe behavior cannot be tolerated. Girls may be reminded twice and parents will be called for pickup after a third incident. I have discussed appropriate party behavior with my daughter and we agree to follow the Girl Scout Law.





INFORMATION:     Please bring any item that would create an AWESOME birthday party (i.e., candles, paper, box cake mix, frosting, tissue paper, streamers, balloons, etc) and a small bag o’ candy to be donated. A “birthday-in-a-box” is part of the 100th year badge requirements we have been working on all month. Also, please bring 100 pennies for the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund!
Please wear close-toed shoes and weather appropriate outer wear as we will be going outside for some activities! Light lunch will be provided.
PARENTS!!  We are looking for volunteers to help out in some areas! Let us know when you check-in and we’ll gladly put you to use!

Be sure to bring your daughter’s BLUE activity card, this registration form and any medications your child needs with you.

If you wish to car pool, please meet at Copper Mountain Park no later than 12:30pm.
***This is the final day to turn in Candy/Nut/Magazine order forms to your leader as well. We can’t fill Late Orders!!***

Get Registered for a piece of the pie!

 Wow!! What a great promotion!

From our Product Sales Manager, Bernie:

Our QSP guru, Hub Hansen, has challenged all troops to 100% participation in the online magazine program. We will track the emails and for every troop that has all of their registered girls — 100% — doing the on-line magazine (email) program and sending out 12 emails each, those troops will be registered to win a $100 pizza party! Please pass this on to all of your volunteers so that the girls can make sure to get their emails sent.

And the online magazine program is a pretty darn easy way for girls to help contribute to the Fall Product Sale!  Simply go to our website at  and scroll almost to the bottom to find this large blue button.  From here, you should be able to follow the easy instructions to get rolling.  Girls need to enter only 12 names to qualify as participants, AND they will earn the fun “online” patch.   Any resulting orders will contribute to her and your troop’s sales and there is no money to collect!    What an easy way to help raise funds for your troop!!

Joy in the Journey Adult Training

Saturday, Oct 27, 2012 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Location:  Lewis & Clark Public Library  Helena, MT 
Cost:$10/adult                                                                                          Includes Adult and Girl Journey of your choice!!!

Journeys are the core national program of Girl Scouting and are based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This means each journey has girls using Girl Scouting’s three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect, and Take Action. As the core Girl Scout program, journeys tie to the 15 national Girl Scout leadership outcomes and the three processes (Girl Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative Learning) that make Girl Scouting distinct from school and other activities.

         In this interactive workshop for adult volunteers, learn the benefits of the Girl Scout Journeys for both volunteers and girls. The stories used in the Journeys capture girl’s attention and encourage girls to create their own story on their Girl Scout journey. Learn how Journeys make it easier for volunteers to inspire and motivate girls in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

In this workshop, participants will use the girl books and adult guides and learn about ready-made resources, tips to customize the Journey and age-appropriate activities designed for girls. Discover the awards and badges girls can earn along the way. This training is designed to foster new friendships and provide tools for confidence in a leadership role.

You will receive the Journey Guide for Adults and Girl Book of your choice to take home and use. When you register, please indicate which set you would like.

This event is open to adults.

Registration deadline: E Biz closed  Please contact GSMW directly to register for this event!
Adult min/max: 5/35

Agenda for Week Three Butte Service Unit Oct 8-12

Agenda for Week Three Butte Service Unit

Oct 8 – 12


Circle up

Pledge of Allegiance

GS Promise/Law

Make New Friends (verse 1 -3)

When E’er You Make a Promise


Money Matters; Goal Setting

Want vs Need


Snack Time – Johnny Appleseed Grace

Next Meeting Announcement/Parent Info Nuts & Candy

Circle Up / Squeeze

He’s Got the Whole World


Dismissal (Thank you for coming inside to get your girl and check for take-homes)

More Castlerock in the News!

From the Montana Standard:

After 80 years of supporting Girl Scout activities, executives say Camp Castle Rock is due for some upgrades. But neighbors worry that a bigger camp would mean a bigger impact on nearby residents.

About 15 people attended the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming’s Tuesday evening meeting discussing the draft long-range plan for the site, located about six miles south of Butte.

The camp will accommodate about 100 campers, plus staff during the camping season.

At the top of the camp’s improvement list is a dining facility separate from the main lodge, improved lodging sites and more flush toilets.

Properties director Stefanie Harrington said none of the proposed upgrades have been decided upon, so no budget’s been set. She said the proposals that end up becoming reality depend on the needs of the girls and the staff. Depending on the amount of changes, the project could take three to five years to complete, Harrington said.

At the meeting, mothers of scouts and scout group leaders shared their favorite parts about the plan, including an improved pond area, raised “tree house” cabins and a large amphitheater for camp songs and group activities.

But two neighbors who attended the meeting worried about increased traffic, potential water contamination from a new sewage system and more, and told the board their concerns.

Jim and Sandee Endahl live about half a mile from the site by road. At the meeting, Jim Endahl asked if an environmental study would be performed if the outhouses were removed from the site. He also raised concerns about the installation of a sewage system for flush toilets. The Endahls get their water from a well, he said, and the couple was concerned about the potential contamination of their drinking water.

Jim Endahl also pointed out that the road to the camp would need upgrades to allow the expected increase in traffic, but that he and other neighbors don’t want an improved road. He asked who would pay for all the road maintenance since the Girl Scouts is a tax-exempt organization.

“These are going to be some of the concerns you’ll have to confront as you go along,” Endahl told the executives.

Tom Richardson, a board member, told the Endahls that the alternative that was happening with some other properties was that they were being sold and developed into subdivisions.

“I may rather see a ranch out there” than an expanded camp, Endahl said.

When asked if they’d be more receptive to the plans if the Girl Scouts addressed all their concerns, Sandee Endahl said she would, but Jim Endahl was noncommittal.

“We welcome the project you’re doing,” Sandee Endahl said. “But what comes with it is a concern.”

Harrington and Leep thanked the Endahls for their attendance and said it was important to keep those concerns in mind when developing plans for Camp Castle Rock’s future.

Reporter Piper Haugan: 496-5572, piper.haugan@ or

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