Courage Confidence Character

Agenda. Oct 2 2012

Hawthorne Building 5-8pm

Special Guests Tonight!      GSMW CEO  Sally Leap and GSMW Property  Director Stefanie Harrington

Tonight’s Presentation: What will Castle Rock Look Like?   5-7pm

PLEASE Bring Your Questions & Comments for our Special Guests

 I  Welcome /Housekeeping

II  Introductions/refreshments

III  Kaper Chart

IV   Council News – Dawn M          A  Trainings / Facilitators    C   Programs   D   Fall Product

V  Treasurers report – Vicki P

VI  Old  Business            A    Officers/Committee Chairs    Back to School Recruiting        C  2012-2013  Meeting Schedule     D  Kick Off Committee       E  Fall Product Committee    F Fall Startup Meetings    G  Hawthorne Meeting Availability       H  Castle Rock Availability

VII  New Business          CALENDAR     B  JLow’s Birthday Party    C Investiture  /Rededication


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