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 From Chrissy H:

HI all!
As we get underway with our All-Girl service unit wide meetings, I want to update you on what we have been and are doing. I know there must have been some confusion as to what is going on and that is primarily due to me being confused. This is a new approach that we, as leaders, are taking with our girls this year. So, I appreciate you all bearing with me. 

Here’s what I do know:
Each week for 5 weeks (we are now into the 2nd week), our Service Unit (all troops are in this) is hosting an All-Girl Service Unit Wide meeting 4 days a week at 4 different locations, each meeting will cover the same topic. The meetings will be at the locations that the troop meetings will be held at once they begin. Any girl can go to any of these meetings as the same information will be at each meeting. So, if one meeting time/place works better for you than another, go to that one. If your daughter wants to go to every meeting, she’s more than welcome!  If your daughter has a friend that they would like to bring to the meeting to register, GREAT!! 
     The goal with this type of an approach is to unite all the girls with each other, introducing them to one another and creating that special bond that they will continue throughout Girl Scouts, teaching them about what it means to be a Girl Scout, and the history behind that. We are also going to teach them about goal setting with money, flag etiquette, songs and games and SWAPS and really all that goes into laying the groundwork for being a Girl Scout. And of course, we will be having fun while doing this! 
     We are also hoping that this will help our parents to be more active participents rather than sitting on the sidelines (which isn’t really a problem with our troop). So parents are definitely encouraged to stay and help out, not only their daughter but all the girls. We might put you at a station at one meeting or have you help pass out snack or direct the girls where they need to go next. Having an active parent seems to help the girls do better and get more out of Scouts.  If there is something you feel you can contribute to the meetings, by all means do!
     Here are the 5 weeks as we have discussed them in the meeting:
Week 1. Songs and Games —  September 24 – 28
Week 2. Troops and Traditions — October 1 – 5
Week 3. Money Matters — October 8 – 12
Week 4. Outdoor Adventures — October 15 – 19
Week 5. Flag Etiquette/Community Service — October 22- 26
Thank you for the clarifications, Chrissy!  Anyone else have  comments about this approach?

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