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Castlerock in the News!

We had a great meeting with CEO Sally Leep and Property Manager Stefanie Harrington last night.  One of the reporters present filed this story:

And From Dawn M, our Membership manager:

I just found the link online for the clip that aired on NBC last night.  Camp itself looks GREAT, dressed in beautiful fall colors and even featuring a MOOSE!!   Wahoo!!  Maybe we’ll even get more girls interested in Scouting with such great images of Castle Rock!

THANK YOU to all who joined us last night!  Your input was (and is) extremely important to us so that we can build Castle Rock to a place where even more girls can create even more wonderful memories and skills!

If you were not able to attend or if you have additional comments, please send them to me and I can forward them on.

Also, notes from the Butte Service Unit Volunteer Meeting that followed the Town Hall Meeting will be out shortly and our next Volunteer Meeting is Tuesday, November 13 at 7 pm, when we will start meeting on the SECOND Tuesdays going forward.  These are meetings we invite ANY adult to attend, leaders or parent helpers.  We would like to see at least one person attend from each troop so that your troop will be updated with the latest news, information, product sale details, upcoming events, and more.  I think the more we are informed, the more successful we will be  :0)

Thanks folks!    Dawn


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