Courage Confidence Character

 Wow!! What a great promotion!

From our Product Sales Manager, Bernie:

Our QSP guru, Hub Hansen, has challenged all troops to 100% participation in the online magazine program. We will track the emails and for every troop that has all of their registered girls — 100% — doing the on-line magazine (email) program and sending out 12 emails each, those troops will be registered to win a $100 pizza party! Please pass this on to all of your volunteers so that the girls can make sure to get their emails sent.

And the online magazine program is a pretty darn easy way for girls to help contribute to the Fall Product Sale!  Simply go to our website at  and scroll almost to the bottom to find this large blue button.  From here, you should be able to follow the easy instructions to get rolling.  Girls need to enter only 12 names to qualify as participants, AND they will earn the fun “online” patch.   Any resulting orders will contribute to her and your troop’s sales and there is no money to collect!    What an easy way to help raise funds for your troop!!


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