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Happy Birthday, Julliette!


Help celebrate the 152nd Birthday of the original Daisy,

Juliette Gordon Low, the Founder of Girl Scouts!
Where: Camp Castlerock,  8 miles west of Butte, MT on Little Basin Creek Rd.
When: Sunday, October 28, 2012 1pm – 4pm

Contact your leader As Soon as Possible to Register
Please sign and return bottom portion.


Girl Scout Name: __________________ Friend or Troop #: ______________
Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________
Phone Numbers: _______________________________________________                                           Email Address: __________________________________________________
Please list any allergies/medical conditions/medications we should be aware of today: _____________________________________________________________

Bring-A-Friend (any non-registered Girl Scout) Name and age: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent(s) attending: YES NO           Parent preference(s) in volunteering: __________________________________________________________________
Activities my daughter has permission to participate in (please initial each):
________ Games ________ Singing ________ Face Painting  ________ Crafts ________ Apple Bobbing ________ Campfire (weather permitting)

_______ Nature Scavenger Hunt (weather permitting)  ________ FUN!!!! __________________________________________________________________

To ensure that good times will be had by all, disruptive or unsafe behavior cannot be tolerated. Girls may be reminded twice and parents will be called for pickup after a third incident. I have discussed appropriate party behavior with my daughter and we agree to follow the Girl Scout Law.





INFORMATION:     Please bring any item that would create an AWESOME birthday party (i.e., candles, paper, box cake mix, frosting, tissue paper, streamers, balloons, etc) and a small bag o’ candy to be donated. A “birthday-in-a-box” is part of the 100th year badge requirements we have been working on all month. Also, please bring 100 pennies for the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund!
Please wear close-toed shoes and weather appropriate outer wear as we will be going outside for some activities! Light lunch will be provided.
PARENTS!!  We are looking for volunteers to help out in some areas! Let us know when you check-in and we’ll gladly put you to use!

Be sure to bring your daughter’s BLUE activity card, this registration form and any medications your child needs with you.

If you wish to car pool, please meet at Copper Mountain Park no later than 12:30pm.
***This is the final day to turn in Candy/Nut/Magazine order forms to your leader as well. We can’t fill Late Orders!!***


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