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Located a few miles from the city of Butte, Montana, Camp Castle Rock is a beautiful spot surrounded by lovely wooded hills. This delightful place for a mountain camp covers many timbered acres with several open places for camping, beautiful parks and a creek.

Thanks to busy beavers, a pond is situated directly across from the Lodge. Their work created an environment for bird and other creatures. It has been rumored moose can be spotted from time to time. The site is situated in the foothills of the Little Basin Valley.

A short walk from the camp toward the Continental Divide reveals views south into the Moose Creek country, southeast to the Upper Reservoir of the Butte Water company, and in the distance the Highland Mountains. Directly east is the Basin Creek Reservoir and Roosevelt Drive. Westward is the Divide Valley and further southwest looms the snowcapped Fleecer Mountain. To the north Butte is in plain view, twinkling in the evenings.

The site has a beautiful log lodge built in the 1920s surrounded by lofty and inspiring mountains.

The camp has both bunks and camping areas. Here is an idea of what the bunks are like::

From I 90
Take the Montana Street Exit and head south. (north is up hill )
Continue south, pass a large Cemetery on the Right.
Directly after the Cemetery, Turn Right on Beef Trail Road
Pass the Driving Range and Copper Mountain Recreation Area.
At the Y or fork in the road, veer to the far left on Little Basin Creek Road.
Follow Little Basin Creek Road, approximately 9 miles.
At the Intersection of Little Basin Creek and Wapiti Mountain,
Go through the Orange Gate, Marked by a Fire Number 665.
The Lodge is at the end of the Driveway

Please download and view this PDF for some really nice directions.

Also look at this google map of where the camp is.



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