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From Chrissy H:

Thank you to everyone that helped with Investiture. We had a head count of 120 people  (give or take), so I see that as successful. It shows me that the girls have a lot of support from their families, which is great!

On a personal level though, I felt it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped it would be. There was a lot of chaos and it seemed to drag out and parents wanted to get out of there as soon as their girls were pinned(which is understandable), but for our next service unit meeting I want to discuss this and would like honest and constructive criticism from everyone.

Could everyone please make a list of 10 things they liked and 10 things they thought could have been different and bring it to the next meeting to go over? While its still fresh in our minds? I would appreciate it so much! I feel that the only way we can get better as a Service Unit is to work together and fix some of theses things that can be fixed. I am not married to any ideas and welcome any help I can get. I enjoy planning these events, but need everyone’s help, cooperation & participation. I need to know that the girls will be on their best Girl Scout behavior, not just roll their eyes when I ask them to behave. I feel if we want to grow our membership numbers with girls and adults then we need to become a united front(which is headed in that direction) and not look like a hot mess. Which is how I felt last week. I don’t blame anyone but myself for not being more prepared. All I am asking for is some help. Input and information on how these events can be more successful.
I will discuss at further length what my intentions for WTD will be so the girls, parents and leaders can all be properly prepared.

Thank you again. And I apologize for the delay in these notes.



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