Courage Confidence Character

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013  5:30 PM 7:30 PM
Cost: $3/Girl; No cost to adults
Location:   County Court House 4-H Extension Office  Billings, MT

The environment and robots: how do they work together? During the Eco-Bot Challenge you will learn from robot enthusiasts how to construct a small scale robot who’s main mission is to clean up a mock environmental spill. From the Roomba� that dances around your kitchen floor, to the sophisticated robotic arms on the International Space Station, robots play a critical role in how we complete tasks. The Eco-Bot Challenge is a great introduction to robot design and programming as well as important environmental issues.

The autonomous robots you will work with have the ability to ‘sense’ their environment. The robots will then be programmed to utilize a particular sense so they can complete their mission of clean-up.
The challenge is to create a robot that will be the most effective at helping the environment and how quickly it can get the job done. Be a champion for the environment during this hands on activity that will let you wear the hats of an Eco-Bot Engineer and an Eco-Bot Analyst!

Accept the challenge – the Eco-Bot challenge – as spots will fill up quickly.

This event is open to girls in grades 4-12 and supervising adults.

Registration deadline: March 12
Girl min/max: 10/20
Adult min/max: 2/10



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