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Camptacular2013 IS CAMPTACULAR Powered by Girls!

A camp brochure with full details will be mailed to MT & WY Girl Scout Households in February or visit this page for updated information!

Discover the great outdoors and discover yourself at the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming resident camps!

Girl Scout summer camp is all about trying new things, meeting new friends, and having fun in the great outdoors. Explore nature, sing around the campfire, go horseback riding, do arts and crafts, and much more! Go for a few days, a week, or longer. Any girl can attend!

So, “What will you do today?”

  • Things you didn’t know you could do?
  • Discover new things about yourself?
  • Accomplish something you’ve dreamed of?

Believe anything is possible, because it is. Haven’t you always dreamed of doing great things? Climb mountains, create with your hands, kayak and sail, or learn to play guitar. We offer so many opportunities, the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to do.


TIMBERCREST CAMP -Near Red Lodge, Montana, in the Custer National Forest 

June 16-20

  • Call of the Wild            Grade 2-12
  • Clay Creations             Grade 2-8
  • Rockin’ Out                  Grade 4-12

June 21-23

  • G.O.! (Girls Only)         Grade K-5

June 23-28

  • Girls with Guitars         Grade 4-12
  • Kolors                          Grade 2-8
  • Sci-Girls                       Grade 2-8
  • CIT I                             Grade 10-12

June 30-July 3

  • Brownie Bite                Grade 2-3
  • Mystery Mayhem         Grade 2-8
  • Shutterbugs                 Grade 4-12

July 7-12

  • Rustic Relaxation         Grade 2-12
  • Trailblazers                  Grade 4-12
  • CIT II                           Grade 10-12

July 12-14

  • G.O.! (Girls Only)  Grade K-5


July 28-Aug.1

  • Swim, Splash, & Sail I   Grade 6-12

Aug. 2-4

  • G.O.! (Girls Only)         Grade 6-12

Aug. 4-9

  • Swim, Splash, & Sail I & II        Grade 6-12

CAMP SACAJAWEA  – atop Casper Mountain, high above the city of Casper, Wyo.

July 7-12

  • Call of the Wild            Grade 2-12
  • Kolors                          Grade 4-12
  • Silver Spurs I               Grade 2-12
  • CIT I                            Grade 10-12

July 14-18

  • Brownie Bite                Grade 2-3
  • Just for Juniors            Grade 4-5
  • Pony Express              Grade 2-12

July 19-21

  • G.O.! (Girls Only)         Grade K-5

July 21-25

  • Nite Owls                     Grade 4-12
  • Sci-Girls                       Grade 2-8
  • Silver Spurs II              Grade 2-12
  • CIT II                           Grade 10-12


CAMP CASTLE ROCK – outside Butte

July 29-Aug. 2

  • Choose Your Own Adventure   Grade 4-12
  • Kolors                          Grade 4-12
  • Mystery Mayhem         Grade 2-8

Aug. 4-8

  • Brownie Bite                Grade 2-3
  • Movie Magic                Grade 4-12
  • Rustic Relaxation         Grade 2-12

Aug. 9-11

  • G.O.! (Girls Only)         Grade K-5


  • FUN

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