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cid:image001.jpg@01CDEA83.88F18F40Dear Girl Scouts,
Here is an extraordinary opportunity to show your recycling spirit, earn CASH and bring honor to your Council. Your Troop can win $500 plus the value of the cans. Scout leaders can take advantage of free patches, stuffed guys, t-shirts, baseball caps, aluminum bottles and more to stimulate greater aluminum can recycling. The Troop/Council Challenge is open to Boy and Girl Scout Troops and their Councils. Go to to register your unit and find everything you need to help you generate recycling enthusiasm and initiate a successful Roundup. Show your true green spirit and environmental leadership by rallying your troop and
Council to recycle aluminum cans between Jan. 15 and April 30. Cash prizes through 6th place will go to the top per capita aluminum can recycling troops. Troop verified poundage will be added together to recognize the National Recycling Champion and Reserve Champion Councils along with $800 for Scout activities.
Sincerely, Al the Can

It would be great to see Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming on the Great American Can Roundup Scout Council Challenge leader board.  This is your opportunity for your Council and troops to win cash awards, bring honor to your council and show your recycling spirit.  In addition to the value of the aluminum cans, the Can Manufacturers Institute will be giving $2,150 in cash to top recyclers.  Last year a total of 28 troops participated, so your chances of winning are excellent.  Don’t be left out.  Please help us let Girl Scout leaders learn about the Scout Council Challenge and encourage them to register at where they will find everything needed for a success roundup. Let’s rally your troops to recycle between January 15 and April 30, 2013 and make every can count.  Game-on at      Recycle to win.  Go Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming!     Sincerely,   Jenny Day

Can Manufacturers Institute   1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW   Suite 1000   Washington, DC 20036   202/232-4677   Fax:  202/232-5756

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye,

1:  Register at     2:  Recycle       3:  Win!

The Scout/Council Challenge is a nationwide environmental fundraiser with prize money and rewards/awards.  The contest starts on January 15 and runs through April 30th with receipts or Great American Can Roundup Log Sheet/Verification Forms due by May 15.  Register at where you will find virtually everything you need for a successful Roundup.  On the website, you can even scope out the level of recycling by the 28  units sending in receipts last year to calculate your goal.  It’s easy, fun and environmentally friendly.

Scout Units recycling the most beverage cans per capita from January 15 to April 30, 2013, earn top recycling honors and a total of $1,350 cash in addition to the value of the cans.

Champion — $500; Reserve – $300; 3rd Place – $200; 4th Place — $150; 5th Place – $100; 6th Place — $100

Individual Scout Awards/Rewards

35 Pound GACR Club Patch – 35 lbs.                         Al the Can stuffed guy – 125 lbs.

Al the Can t-shirt – 200 lbs.                                          Cans—Infinitely Recyclable Baseball cap – 300 lbs. aluminum “collector’s edition” bottle – 400 lbs.

Councils recycling the most aluminum beverage cans:  Champion –  $500; Reserve  – $300, bragging rights and distinctive plaques to celebrate.  For individual Scouts, there are free patches, stuffed guys, t-shirts, baseball caps, aluminum bottles and more to stimulate greater aluminum can recycling.



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