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Cookie Selling Guidelines for Online and Facebook

For Girls

1.    Girls who are 13 years or older may use social networking sites to market product; however, they must follow council and GSUSA guidelines:

2.    Girls should use their first names only, their troop number, and their council name. Full names, personal emails, or street addresses of girls should never be used.

3.    Girls are NOT permitted to collect payment online. Girls should deliver cookies and collect payment in person. If the product needs to be shipped, the girl/parent is responsible for shipping charges.

4.    Girls under the age of 13 that would like to utilize the internet to boost their cookie sales may do so with the guidance of their parents through the Girl Scout Cookie Club:

5.    Leaders enter participating girls on the site  and distribute passwords to parents. Girls can then send out emails to obtain “cookie promises”.

For Adults

1.    Parents may post on their Facebook page that their daughter is selling Girl Scout Cookies. They must, however, arrange for a time for their daughter to visit a potential customer or business. They may NOT collect orders over Facebook. Sample Messaging would be-

“My daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies. If you would like buy a box, send me a message with your address, and a convenient time to stop by.”

2.    Social media locations such as “Facebook Online Yard Sale” and e-Bay are not an acceptable location to promote Girl Scout Cookies.

3.    If a parent has a question as to what is an acceptable selling practice they should contact their local Community Development Manager.


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