Courage Confidence Character

DATE: Saturday, Aug 10
TIME: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Cost: $45 per Girl; $45 per Adult
Registration deadline: July 26

Girl Scouts and their families will enjoy a day of family friendly rapids, sun, and swimming while floating one of western Montana’s best rivers: The Alberton Gorge of the Clark Fork River. The Gorge is filled with numerous Class II-III rapids such as Cliffside, Tumbleweed, Fang, Roller Coaster and many more!

Participants will go on a 4 hour whitewater rafting trip with the best raft guides from ZooTown Surfers. We will eat lunch at the put-in while we listen to the safety talk, so bring your own lunch. After a couple of warm-up rapids, you’ll get to take a sun-tan break and enjoy a cool-off swim at the famous ‘Sandy Beaches’. After the beach the wild ride kicks in – Tumbleweed and Fang are just around the bend! Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like deer, osprey, trout, and bald eagles. If there’s enough time, you’ll get to stop at Fish Creek and jump into the crisp, blue water of this gorgeous tributary.

The event is open to girls in grades 4 through 12 and their family members who are at least in 4th grade. Want to bring your best gal pals? Have them join Girl Scouts and let’s get them signed up for this adventure!
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