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BFF ~ Be A Friend First

When girls are mean to one another, you often don’t see anything at all. But you can feel it. The cliques. The eye-rolling. The taunting. The rumors. Making you feel invisible.

It’s still bullying.

Right now, when girls are bullied, almost no one intervenes.

It’s time to be part of the change. Sometimes, when girls stand up for one another, the bullying stops immediately. Like, within 10 seconds!

BFF gives you the tools to feel safe at school, online, and everywhere in between.

We teach you to recognize bullying. To resolve conflicts. To boost your confidence. To deal with mean girls and cliques. To be a better friend. To have better friends. To find the right words to stop bullying—once and for all.

When you know more about bullying, you can make a stand when it starts, and stop it before it gets worse. You’ll learn how to be a better friend, and help the girls you know feel safe and confident about being themselves. You’ll feel better about yourself, too!

t’s never too late to learn how to BFF (Be a Friend First). You can find the right words to stop bullying, once and for all. Watch a video and get the real deal on bullying from Girl Scouts who face the same tricky situations you do.  When you know how to resolve conflicts, you can be the first to say, “It doesn’t have to be like this!” You’ll gain the confidence to be a better friend and have better friends, too.

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This camp has been sponsored by a grant, so it is a terrific value!  Also, ANY girl can participate – the 2012 Membership fee is built into the cost!  Join us for a great GS camp experience!

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013   6:00 PM Thursday, Jul 18, 2013 6:00 PM

Location: Camp Castle Rock  Butte, MT
Cost: $20/Girl; $20/Adult

Registration deadline: July 1
Girl min/max: 10/40
Adult min/max: 2/6

Join the fun at BFF (Be a Friend First) Camp! This is your opportunity to mix and mingle with other girls in Middle School and develop the confidence and skills you need to prevent all-too-prevalant bully behavior.

This experience will give  all girls the skills to maneuver through middle school and changes in their own lives. Girls will have the complete camp experience enriched in leadership, team building, and empowerment. They will gain skills that aide them to be confident as they go into the school year and empower them to educate others and create more peace… in their schools, communities, and who knows where else? Learn healthy relationship skills, friendship skills, and leadership skills – that is what being a friend first is all about!

Here’s what to expect:
Enjoy the camp setting with hikes, songs, s’mores, and campfires (if weather conditions allow) along with  time to get to know new friends and relax in the beautiful outdoors. During the weekend girls will have coffee/tea club, spa night, work on peace maker kits, and complete at least one award from the aMAZE Journey, a leadership book that has many activities to prepare you for the twists and turns of navigating relationships.

Included in your registration fee is a complimentary Girl Scout membership through September 30, 2013, the aMAZE Journey Book, and the aMAZE Journey awards all thanks to the United Way! The United Way funding also allows this program to have a discounted registration fee. Grab your BFF and take advantage of this great opportunity and register today!

By registering for this camp girls become Girl Scouts, and that means having all the opportunities other Girl Scouts have including developing your leadership skills, attending programs, meeting new friends, and traveling the world!

This event is open to girls in grades 6-8 and supervising adults.


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