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Butte Area Kick off / Sign ups!

Fall Kick-offs  are where you learn what’s new for the upcoming year and receive information (and sampling!) on the Fall Product sale.  Dawn will give us a personal viewing of the info that is being shared on Tuesday, Aug. 27, when we have our first Butte sign-up night for the fall recruiting season!  Sign-ups maybe from 5-6 pm instead of 6-8 like we’d talked earlier, then do some fall kick-off info after 6 pm.  Share your Thoughts???  In any case, mark your calendar for that night because whether we do both ideas or just registrations, we’ll need as many  leaders present as possible  :0)  More details to follow!  Comments or questions welcome!



You Are Invited to a Garden Party
2013 Fall Kickoffs, Fall Start-up & Fun

The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming invites all Troop Leaders and Service Unit Team members to our annual Fall Kickoffs.  

  This year’s event includes hors d’oeuvres and mocktails in a Garden Party atmosphere! 

  Kickoffs will prepare you for the new Girl Scout membership year with information and resources to help you have a great 2014.  

All Garden Parties begin promptly at 6:00 PM except for Great Falls which will begin at 5 PM.  

  Girls and volunteers from Montana and Wyoming will be featured in special videos. 

 Additional information and registration links will be posted at on July 10.



6:00 – 8:30 PM

Thursday, August 15

Helena Great

Northern Hotel,

835 Great Northern Blvd


Note: This event is for adult volunteers only. 



6:00 – 8:30 PM

Tuesday, August 13

Missoula Public Library

301 East Main




Participants will have an opportunity to win prizes and one of two $150 registration discounts… INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED ON JULY 10 

Growing Girls into Leaders! 
                                   Please plan to join us for an evening of fun! 



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