Courage Confidence Character

Troop 3501 – Daisies

Thursdays    5:30-7  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (2300 Florence Ave)
Contact – Chrissy Hadley 406-565-3007

Hello all!
Thank you for being so patient with me in getting things ready to go for this year!  As most of you know from last year, this is all just a work in progress and things are subject to change but I will try my best to keep to a schedule. I appreciate all the support you’ve all given me and I can’t wait to get the girls together and get going!
    Heatherlynn Meeks has been working hard at getting some Service Unit wide meetings going so that the girls can come and meet each other and where parents can come and check out how easy it is to volunteer!
    She has created a blog for Girl Scouts here in Butte and we are trying to get more traffic to it. Just go to to sign up, sign in and keep updated on Service Unit wide activities and troop activities.
    Next week beginning on Monday we will be covering “Troops and Traditions” at these meetings. In these meetings, girls will learn what it means to be a Girl Scout. They will also learn about the woman who founded Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low (J Low) and how she created Girl Scouts.
    There will be fun games, coloring and songs so we hope to see you all there. Below is a list of times and places for these meetings. Each day will be covering the same info, so if there’s one night that’s better for you to make it, just go to that one. That’s what these meetings are all about. Figuring out what works best for whom.
Monday: Gold Hill Church – 5:30 – 7
Tuesday: UCC Church – 6 – 7:30
Thursday: Gloria Dei Church 5:30 – 7
Friday: Hawthorne Building: 6:30 – 8
At any meeting there will be registration papers made available for those of you that need them.
Now, onto our troop business:
   I know that our meeting will begin on October 11, but I am considering getting the girls together Friday, October 5 and just having a pizza party, let me know if anyone is interested in this.
     I’d love for the new girls and their parents to be made to feel welcome and get everyone to know each other. We will go over some things that I’d like to do over this next year and just really to ask any questions that anyone has. This would not be a mandatory event.
    I will have information on uniforms, books and pricing. As always, financial assistance is available.
  Please feel free to text/call me if you have any questions. If you can’t get me via call, please text as that is probably the best way to contact me.       406-565-3007     Thanks!

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