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Discover the great outdoors and discover yourself at the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming resident camps!

Printable PDF of the 2013 Camp Reservation Form.

Girl Scout summer camp is all about trying new things, meeting new friends, and having fun in the great outdoors.

Explore nature, sing around the campfire, go horseback riding, do arts and crafts, and much more!

Go for a few days, a week, or longer. Any girl can attend!

So, “What will you do today?”             Things you didn’t know you could do?

Discover new things about yourself?             Accomplish something you’ve dreamed of?

Believe anything is possible, because it is.        Haven’t you always dreamed of doing great things?

Climb mountains, create with your hands, kayak and sail, or learn to play guitar.

We offer so many opportunities, the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to do.

2013 Camp Descriptions

Brownie Bite– Curious about camp but may not want to spend a whole week away? This session provides a sampling of camp activities for Brownie Girl Scouts.  Arts and crafts, nature, songs and games are just some of the possibilities!

Call of the Wild-The nature network is waiting for you.  Learn about the wilderness, its inhabitants, and the skills you need to impress your parents on your next camping trip!  Hike, explore, star gaze, and take in the extraordinary scenery.  River rafting at Timbercrest Camp and kayaking at Camp Sacajawea if conditions allow. S’mores are on the menu if 2013 fire restrictions allow.


Program Aide & Outdoor Skills Training — Missoula (Grades 6-8)

 Registration deadline: May 3

Friday – Saturday, May 17 – 18, 2013 This is an overnighter.

6:00 pm  Fri – 5:00 pm  Sat

Cost:   $25/Girl; $5/Adult

This program is not posted on yet, but be watching for it!

Individual girls or troops welcome.

Calling all Cadettes!  Become a Program Aide and work with younger Girl Scouts. Learn to use your leadership skills to share your interests and experiences with younger girls in a troop, group or camp setting.

Program Aides are Girl Scouts Cadettes (6-8 grade) who want to share their skills with others, and help promote the Girl Scout program. Once Program Aides are trained, they will be able to work with other troops by sharing their special talents and help with any service unit event or council program, including day camp.

 What is the Program Aide (PA) Award?  The Program Aide (PA) award is for Cadette girls in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade. To earn the Cadette Program Aide award girls must follow these steps:

1.    Earn one LiA award. This is a prerequisite before a girl can register for a PA training.

2.    Complete a council sponsored Program Aide leadership training course.

3.    Work directly with younger girls over six activity sessions. This might be assisting girls on journey activities (in addition to what she did for her LiA), badge activities, or other sessions. She might work with a group at their meetings, day camp, council events or service unit events or activities. The council membership and program staff can assist Cadettes in finding a group of Brownies and an adult volunteer to partner with.

4.    Once girls have completed these requirements they must have the adult volunteer mentor sign their time log and turn this in when they purchase their PA pin from a GSMW council store. (Girls must complete the requirements in order to receive their pins.)


A Program Aide must be a registered Girl Scout.
A Program Aide must be a Cadette Girl Scout.
A Program Aide must complete a LiA before attending the council PA training.

Registration deadline: May 3

Friday – Saturday, May 17 – 18, 2013 – This is an overnighter.

6:00 pm  Fri – 5:00 pm  Sat


Cost:   $25/Girl; $5/Adult

LiA Award – Cadettes

LiA Award – Cadettes

 Individual girls or troops welcome.

 Here’s your chance to show your leadership skills as you assist your younger “sisters” along their Girl Scout Journey!

LiA stands for Leader in Action.  This award is for Cadette girls who are in sixth, seventh or eighth grade.  There is one LiA award for each of the three Journey Series.  A girl may earn one LiA award or all three. The LiA is a prerequisite for girls who want to earn their Program Aide award.  (See the “PA” event information in another post.)

Cadettes will work with a group of Brownies assisting them as they work towards a Journey award.  If the Brownie troop has already completed the Journey book, a Cadette may still plan extra activities to enrich the recent Journey experience. To earn this award the Cadette will need to meet with the troop or group of Brownies a minimum of four times. Cadettes will work with the Brownie adult volunteer to plan, coordinate and assist in leading activities with the Brownies.

More Details to follow!

Early Bird Spring Registration will begin April 1, 2013


Early Bird Spring Registration will begin April 1, 2013.  Please remember the following:

·         We will NOT be supplying you with pre-printed forms, but all currently registered girls will appear on e-Biz and leaders can easily pre-register girls there.

·         Remember that any girl that is not registered for next year by Oct. 1 will fall off the Troop Management e-Biz report at that time and leaders will no longer be able to register them.  If this happens, the girl’s parent will have to go onto e-Biz to “reactivate” them.

·         Registration fees this year will be $15.  This was agreed upon at the National level prior to 2009, and $15 is still a great value for building our girls into the future leaders of tomorrow  :0)

·         There will likely be an incentive for early registration, but I’ve not heard the details yet.  Early registration and any incentives will likely expire at the end of June.  More to come on this.

The Girl Scout Voices Survey


The Girl Scout Voices Survey is underway and as of today we have 184 people registered to be included in the survey!   Please join us online and encourage troop parents to register themselves and their daughters too, tho girls who are 13 and older can register themselves. Patches for registering are being mailed out this week and will continue to be mailed out as girls register.  The surveys themselves will be emailed out this spring.

Online Cookie Sales? BEST PRACTICES!

Cookie Selling Guidelines for Online and Facebook

For Girls

1.    Girls who are 13 years or older may use social networking sites to market product; however, they must follow council and GSUSA guidelines:

2.    Girls should use their first names only, their troop number, and their council name. Full names, personal emails, or street addresses of girls should never be used.

3.    Girls are NOT permitted to collect payment online. Girls should deliver cookies and collect payment in person. If the product needs to be shipped, the girl/parent is responsible for shipping charges.

4.    Girls under the age of 13 that would like to utilize the internet to boost their cookie sales may do so with the guidance of their parents through the Girl Scout Cookie Club:

5.    Leaders enter participating girls on the site  and distribute passwords to parents. Girls can then send out emails to obtain “cookie promises”.

For Adults

1.    Parents may post on their Facebook page that their daughter is selling Girl Scout Cookies. They must, however, arrange for a time for their daughter to visit a potential customer or business. They may NOT collect orders over Facebook. Sample Messaging would be-

“My daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies. If you would like buy a box, send me a message with your address, and a convenient time to stop by.”

2.    Social media locations such as “Facebook Online Yard Sale” and e-Bay are not an acceptable location to promote Girl Scout Cookies.

3.    If a parent has a question as to what is an acceptable selling practice they should contact their local Community Development Manager.

Cookie Club Info, Online marketing for Girl Scouts, and More Resources for a successful Cookie Season!

Cookie Club Helps girls reach their goals!
  • There is a safe and easy way to help girls boost their sales and reach their goals. Sign them up for the online Cookie Club, which enables them to send emails asking for cookie “promises.” This program is offered through Little Brownie Bakers.
  • Girl Scouts throughout Montana and Wyoming can supercharge their sales!
  • The Cookie Club is a safe and easy way to enhance the Cookie Program. Ask your Troop Leader for more information and get started today. Troop Leaders can get more information on how to sign up for the Cookie Club on the Little Brownie Bakers website.
Online marketing for Girl Scouts
Resources    For more information specifically for adults working with girls and parents, check out the following downloads:

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