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Service Unit Meeting Minutes – Aug 2011

Aug 30th Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Christy Smith, Vicki Powers, Kristen Ryan, Dawn McCloney, Marie Fox, Debbie Queer, Kathy Galipeau, Robin Brochu-Manzione, Heatherlynn Meeks, Jessica Short, Kristy Pennock

Open 7:10

Dawn McCloney—Membership Manager  1-800-736-5234 ext 2308

Vicki Powers—Service Unit Manager

Treasurer Report– $ 377.03 + 15 boxes of cookies

Council News—New office in Billings GSMW-BILLINGS HEADQUARTERS 2303 GRAND AVENUE, BILLINGS, MT 59102

Upcoming Trainings—Sept 29th Basic Training 6:30-8:30  location to come  online registration  New leaders need to attend

Oct 8th Leadership Essentials 9-12 & Journey Training  1-4  location to come

Sept 13th – Oct 11th Bookworm Book Club for brownies  5:30-6:30 & Juniors 7-8  Registration deadline Sept 2nd register online  $7.00 per girl

Sept 8th Recruiting Night 6-9 @ ST Johns

Six different events Nov 19-20th Helena Scouting through the Years

9th of June in DC can hold a spot for $99 make payments through the year

New Business:

Fall product training webinar ,  Oct 15th Fall product starts

Registration: Christy Smith in charge of this year.  Rectruitment night Sept 8th  @6pm St Johns Episcopol,  needs leaders from each level, has crafts, would like volunteers for help. Please let her know by phone 406-239-3955 or email

Investiture schedualed for Nov 3rd Heatherlynn in charge

Juliett Gordon lows birthday party schedualed for Oct 23 from 1-4 @ castle rock

Old Business:

Parade went well 2nd place for float almost 40 girls participated!!!!!  Thank you Kristy and Jessica

Flag Badge: the vfw came and taught flag etiquette

Vicki volunteered to do more badge in a day events, any ideas would be greatly appreciated even some volunteers.


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