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Service Unit Meeting minutes – May 2012

Service Unit Minutes

May 1, 2012

Attendees:   Kristy Pennock, Jessica Short, Dawn McCloney, Vicki Powers, Suzzann Nordwick, Melissa Johnson, Chrissy Hadley, Heatherlynn Meeks

 Council Issues:

  • Dawn McCloney presented info about council programs, and distributed Spring registration forms.
  • Early Registrations – Make sure to get your early registrations in by June 15th to Dawn to get $3 per girl credit and early bird registration patch.
  • Online Registrations now Available
  • End of Year Financial Reports due to Dawn by June 30. Must include May Bank Statement.
  • Outdoor Training (Leaders) – May 19th
  • 100th Anniversary Events – Missoula July 13-15 and Cheynne in the fall
  • Rafting  and Rock Climbing events scheduled see online
  • More trainings will be scheduled in the Fall. Watch for training opportunities online
  • Financial Matters – Dawn reminded leaders to save their receipts, especially when purchasing prepaid debit cards for travel.

PLEASE pay attention to Registration Deadlines

Old Business

  •  Camp Castlerock – Cleanup went well. If a troop would like to use Camp Castlerock check with Vicki for available dates.
  • Me & My Guy Dance –  Lots of Fun! 16 couples total. Sabrina will post thank yous in the Paper.
  • Troop Trip Log – Vicki needs to know when you are meeting outside of your normal meeting place. Please feel free to e-mail the info or give a call.
  • Camping with a Butler – Castle Rock May 18-19 Native American theme $10 Saturday only/$15 overnight
  • July 4th – Parade – Troop 3680 will provide the float this year.  All girls will be provided with a TieDyed T Shirt for the parade. Cost is $5.  Please submit sizes and money by June 15. Kristy and Jessica are the contact persons on this event.
  • GS Day at Silverwood Theme Park – NEW DATE: Saturday, June 30 , 2012  Theme park opens early for Girl Scouts Free Beverages all day Contact: GSMW Deadline: June 1, 2012 Discounted tickets

New Business:

  • New Positions – If anyone would like to take over any of the Service Unit positions – let Vicki know. We need a new Secretary, please.
  • Missoula Day Camp – The week before the 100th celebration. Info available @
  • August 18th (Time TBA) – Tea Party – Belmont Senior Center Vicki 498-9045 is the contact person on this event.
  • September 18th – Recruitment Night – Discussions were had on the type of recruitment night that we should have. Flyers will be sent home through the schools. An announcement will also be placed in the newspaper. Hopeful we will get some new leaders. Please feel free to volunteer to help at this event. Sabrina White will be the contact person on this event.
  • Project: Memorial Day Flag Placement   Contact: Vicki Powers– 498-9045

Next Meeting – August 28th  — Hawthorne — 7:00 p.m.

Vicki – 498-9045    Dawn 1-800-736-5243 (ext. 2308)


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