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Service Unit Meeting Minutes – Oct 2011

Leader Meeting Minutes 10-4-11

Attendees: Vicki Powers, Suzzann Nordwick, Dawn Mcloney, Jessica Short, Kristy Pennock, Robin Broche, Heatherlynn Meeks, Nancy Brunell, Christy Smith, Kristen Ryan

Treasurer Report: $377.03

Buying a Daisy flag with service unit money for the investiture. Vicki is taking care of that.

Journey through girlscouts-will earn special patch- Helena Nov 19th & 20th. $15/girl or $25 if staying overnight ($5 adult) deadline is Oct 28th.

Please send membership due summary & white section of registrations & bank info change to Dawn & she will send to Billings 2 signatures per GS checks!!  Transfer forms should go to Dawn as well. Thanks.

Missoula Office—Dawn McCloney, 1018 Burlington Ave, Ste. 101, Missoula, mt, 59801

Badge books are starting to ship 10-5-11. They ship as ordered.

Nut-E Re-fresher course is Oct 11th &13th sales start on the 15th of Oct.

Juliette Gordon Lowe Birthday/Halloween Party is Oct 23 @ Castle Rock from 1-4. Registrations Due Oct 20th to Vicki powers must have head count so there is enough food for everyone.

Investiture Nov 3rd  place and time not set in stone yet Rehersal for investiture is nov 1st  place not set yet time will be 5:30  to 7pm

Will update everyone as soon as I know thanks.  Check emails!!!!!

City wide food drive is on the 3rd of  Dec  — Thompson Distributing

Christy & Nancy are putting a box in the GS room at the Hawthorne for  the coat drive Starting Oct 6th – Nov 5th  & the Food drive Oct 13th — Nov 19th ,we will also have a bin for toys for tots starting Nov 5th—  ??? if anyone else would like to donate that would be great. But it is up to all the individual troops to decide if they would like to get their girls the patches for this.  Christy and Nancy will be responsible for delivery of all these items.

You can now earn a badge for World Thinking Day not just a Patch!!!!  TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water at Castle Rock to be shut off the first week of November.

Between the food drive & Christmas we will be holding a caroling night.

Possible skating party this year depending upon weather.

Leader meeting in November being moved to Gold hill church @ 7pm ???  after investiture practice. check your emails ladies on this!!!!!

Here are some extra patch sites if anyone is interested…


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